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Ice Machine Repair Specialists are Here..

Just give us a quick call so that we can get your ice machine repaired and or replaced with minimal headaches. We've been doing this for decades and you'll notice that in how we treat our clients and the ice machines they depend on. Because of that, we know how to do the job right!

We're Committed To Do The Job - Every Job - The Right Way!

Don't waste your money on repair services that just don't cut it. Instead, go with a trusted neighbor that's got your back!

Also, Having over 50 years in the Refrigeration and ice machine business has given us the experience and technical ability to repair your ice machine back to new, when it’s at all possible. If, for some reason that’s not possible, we can get you a new piece of equipment quickly and for the best prices around. Above all, we’re here to earn your business for the long run because we want to help you maintain and keep your equipment as pristine as the ice you serve. 

Why Choose Us For Your Ice Machine Repair!?

Because, we have decades of experience with up front numbers, based on diagnosis of your equipment. For instance, here's why we're different below.

Upfront Pricing

Firstly, Don't guess what you're going to pay. We do our level best to make sure you know what's coming and why.

Anytime Service

Secondly, We know things don't always break when it's convenient. Most importantly, we're here for those times when you need it NOW and just can't wait until tomorrow.

Qualified Experts

Thirdly, Licensed and bonded professionals are the only people you will see from Clear Cube Ice Machine Repair. Therefore, you don't have to worry a bit!

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"Clear Cube came and really took care of us! WE HAD NO ICE and Gary came and got us running again before the big rush and we were able to serve our customers drinks without missing a beat. Thank you Gary!."
Mia Betty
"Our little hotel had some issues with a couple ice machines not working like they should. Gary was able to get out here and fix one and replace the other for us in record time. Ice machines is not something that's on your radar until something goes wrong and I'm glad I was able to get help like we did!"
Timothy Goodman
"When you serve drinks you need ice! Our ice machine was doing okay but it wasn't able to keep up when it was real busy so we called Gary and he was able to figure out the problem and get us back on track. Would definitely use again!
Adam Stone

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